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About Us

We at SAT KARTAR HEALTHCARE bring all your healthcare needs under one roof with an aims to focus on corporate health. We had a chain of multi specialist clinics with best and experienced professionals that provide the service of Primary healthcare near your offices and homes. Our aim is to transforms the healthcare sector services.
Any definition of trust should comprise two elements: competence and intent, because no high level of competence will encourage trust unless it is paired with a philosophy that puts the customer’s interests front and center. Our organization is self-oriented; where ‘you’ is the customer and our only & only intention is your health.
  • We use latest technologies and innovative techniques for treatments.
  • We provide physicals and biometric screenings to perform health assessments in the workplace, as assessments of workplace is very much necessary. It affects the working and efficiency of employee’s .A professionally crafted workstation leads to no injury and improved efficiency. It also leads to retention of great talent in organization.
  • We build a multi-functional network consists of best medical professionals to build digitally empowered healthcare solutions for corporate health
  • We have built a chain of multi specialties clinic located nearby your offices and homes.
  • We perform camp and medical supports checkups at a low cost. We also provide services of Laboratory services for fully assistant of your health.
  • We provide services of orthopedics, physiotherapy, psychologist, dietician, ENT, family Physician and ergonomic advisors to deal with the problems that employees are facing because of corporate pressure and working habits.