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What We Do

We at Sat Kartar Healthcare provide end to end family health care services under one roof with honest, ethical and transparent approach with an objective to improve Primary healthcare in India. We are committed to provide best and affordable primary health care services without compromising quality of treatment.

Majority of the health needs can be addressed at primary healthcare level itself, but current infrastructure of Primary health care in India at urban and rural level both is grossly inadequate to cater to health care demands of rising population. We, at Sat Kartar Healthcare are committed to strengthen primary health care by creating a chain of high-quality health care centers to detect and cure the health problems at initial stage itself. Our team of Best and highly qualified medical professionals are committed to provide best in class primary health care services to our patients, honestly and transparently.
Prevention is better than cure.
It is very much necessary to seek preventive help from professional health care specialist at an early stage itself, but due to absence of Organized primary care, it makes it difficult for busy Urban Population to seek preventive care on time. Delay in primary care may have serious consequences later and involve huge costs as well. Our aim is to detect the healthcare issues at an early stage so that timely preventive treatment is started to avoid serious complications later on.